Join us for worship this Sunday—online at 9:35am, or in our auditorium at 8:15, 9:35, or 11:05am!

Children’s ministry

Note: Due to COVID-19, we’ve made major changes to children’s and student ministry programming during our 9:35am service.  Learn more at this page if you plan to join us in person; if you’re joining us online, check out our age-appropriate video lessons for K-5th grade



The Children’s Ministry at WellSpring would like to welcome you to SpringStreet!  On SpringStreet, kids from birth through the fifth grade are loved, encouraged, and celebrated as one of God’s great blessings.  The story of God’s love for us (and our chance to live action-packed lives for Him) is EXCITING, and we want to pass that passion on to your children.  You won’t find lecture-style, desk-bound, “speak when spoken to” classroom settings on SpringStreet.  Instead, your kids will learn while singing, dancing, watching puppet shows, and enjoying a host of other “kid-friendly” activities.  Each SpringStreet teacher and volunteer considers Sunday worship services to be some of the best hours of the week, and we think your children will feel the same way!

We offer several camps and events throughout the year, but most of the action takes place on Sundays at WellSpring during our 9:35am service.