We've temporarily suspended our in-person worship gatherings. Join our worship live stream at 9:35am on Sunday!

God’s people will not shrink back. Let’s move the Kingdom forward!

Middle Tennessee and WellSpring are responding to an unprecedented one-two punch: first tornadoes, and now the potential spread of coronavirus.  We have the opportunity to make an impact in both spiritual and tangible ways.  Here’s how you can join us:

1) Pray.  We’re a church that prays first in all things.  Take time during your day to pray for the people in our church and community, our leaders, and our world.  Pray for those impacted by the tornadoes.  Pray for the sick.  Pray for the potential impact of coronavirus to be mitigated. 

2) Give financially.  If you’d like provide financial help to those rebuilding after the recent tornadoes—or to those who have medical, food, or other needs during the coronavirus outbreak—give to WellSpring’s benevolence fund.  We’re looking for ways to provide real assistance to those who need it, and your financial gifts will make a huge impact.  Click here to give  (or tap our app’s “Give” icon), then select the “Benevolence” fund.  You may also consider giving to The Well Outreach (they’ve recently seen a spike in the need for food assistance); to do that, just select “The Well Contributions” as your designated fund, and we’ll transfer the donation to them.

3) Mobilize.  We aren’t encouraging large groups to gather right now, even for service opportunities.  But we know there are and will be specific needs that individuals within our church can meet.  Someone might need food or toiletries delivered…or a parent might need childcare for a few hours.  Our goal is to compile a list of needs and post them at this link.  See a need you can meet?  Sign up for it, and make an impact in someone’s life! Have a need or know someone with a need? Email help@wellspringchristian.org. 

Additionally, The Well will be mobilizing *small* groups of volunteers from March 23-30 to help move into their new location.  This move is critical to their ability to serve an ever-growing clientele, particularly during a time of economic uncertainty.  Sign up for a volunteer opportunity during The Well’s “Move Week” at this link.