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We’re a fast-growing church in a fast-growing community 35 miles south of downtown Nashville, TN. If you are interested in serving in an exciting church with full-time and part-time opportunities, review the open ministries below and respond. We look to bring people onto our staff who demonstrate Christ-like character, are competent, and have good chemistry with others. All WellSpring employees are required to pass a criminal background check.


Adult Ministry Assistant

This eight-hour position will support both the Connections Minister and the Care & Missions Minister.  Schedule and location are flexible, but the employee should be on site at the WellSpring offices at least one day each week.

Strengths / experience

  • Effective communicator (written & one-on-one communication more so than the ability to speak on stage or to large groups)
  • Passionate about LifeGroups as a way for people to find family and know God at WellSpring (specifically, as a vehicle for personal spiritual growth, discipleship, accountability, and Christian community)
  • Experience leading or co-leading a LifeGroup (or as a long-time, committed member of a LifeGroup at the very least.)
  • Tech savvy, or comfortable with learning technology (online file sharing, e-mail, learning a database system)


  • Managing LifeGroup discussion guide writers calendar (lining up writers for each week) and distributing / printing LifeGroup guides every week
  • Following up with those who’ve expressed interest in joining a LifeGroup (after my initial contact about how to find open groups)
  • Planning the LifeGroup Bazaar or other LifeGroup launch events
  • Handling post-LifeGroup Bazaar follow-up with LifeGroup leaders (scanning sign-up sheets, emailing them to leaders, etc.)
  • Being an additional point of contact and resource for LifeGroup leaders who have questions about meeting locations, childcare, etc.
  • Working with LifeGroup leaders once a semester to determine an accurate attendance list for each group (and updating LifeGroup attendance in our database)
  • Planning / organizing the First Date event
  • Scheduling / coordinating local lunch meet-ups for LifeGroup leaders (and Keith & Scott)
  • Updating and editing the LifeTrack sign-up forms (print and online), attendance, workbook printing/binding, and following up with LifeTrack attenders
  • Updating person profiles in our database with photos taken during LifeTrack, and saving photos to Andy’s network drive
  • Occasionally posting encouragement, questions, conversation starters, etc. to WellSpring LifeGroup Leaders Facebook group
  • Managing the baptism media team (scheduling photographer & videographer) and handling the follow-up process (printing letters, ordering books, burning photos & media to disk, etc.)
  • Handling follow-up from the LifeGroup Leader Interest Meeting (background checks, following up on meeting details, etc.)
  • Assisting Care & Missions Minister with mission trip planning
  • Providing assistance and support for annual men’s and women’s retreat planning
  • Creating and managing web-based sign-up forms for adult ministry events
  • Owning / managing the pastoral care follow-up spreadsheet (for those in the hospital or other care facilities)

If you are interested, send your resume to employment@wellspringchristian.org.


Maintenance and Facilities

Job Parameters

  • 20 – 30 hours / week
  • Extra hours on occasion
  • This position reports to Operations / Office Manager

Vision for Position

This position is vital in our vision to Help People Follow Jesus by providing clean, well maintained spaces for people to meet and worship Jesus in. Though much of the work of this position is behind the scenes, it impacts every person that comes to the campus and walks through the doors.

Preferred Qualifications


  • Strong family relationships and an intimate relationship with God
  • Strong work ethic and very dependable
  • Strong ability to handle confidential information
  • Must see role as a ministry / calling and not “just a job”


  • Ability to work with staff, leadership, and volunteers


  • Organized: Personally organized to see a job through; able to handle multiple tasks at one time; ability to bring efficiency out of chaos
  • Handy: Ability to fix routine items when they break or need servicing
  • Willingness to identify, recruit and develop a team of volunteers who can help accomplish the responsibilities of this position.
  • Delegator: Looks for ways to involve volunteers, when appropriate, on projects to give more ownership to the congregation and to accomplish more in the limited hours available

Responsibilities (in order of priority):

Responsibility #1 – Provide Routine Maintenance Service to the building and grounds

  • Establish and maintain an annual, semi-annual and monthly routine facilities maintenance list.
  • Building and grounds should be “walked” regularly to identify areas that need care or maintenance.

Responsibility #2 – Maintenance Requests and Issues

  • Create and maintain maintenance request tickets
  • Determine resolution with in-house, volunteers or outside contractors and coordinate
  • Communicate with requesting party

Responsibility #3 – Events (as it relates to areas of responsibility)

  • Ensure that the facility is ready for church and The Academy at WellSpring planned events and outside events. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Setting up rooms and resources as identified in planning documents and calendar event
    • Utilize setup/tear down impact team whenever possible
    • Ensure that room(s) are reset to normal operating layout

If you are interested, send your resume to employment@wellspringchristian.org.