Join us for worship this Sunday—online at 9:35am, or in our auditorium at 8:15, 9:35, or 11:05am!

What to expect

Throughout the course of history, people have learned about God – and shown love and reverence back toward God – in ways that are specific to their own time and culture.  Some describe this as a “modern” or “contemporary” style of communication and worship.  Depending on the week, we may well use videos or movie clips to teach a lesson…and you will probably hear references to current events and culture to stimulate thought or make a point.  The musical part of our worship service is led by a band that usually includes musicians playing guitars, keyboard, drums, and more; we sing modern songs of worship but also value and often sing traditional hymns.  We don’t look down on other churches with a different style or approach – in fact, we celebrate diversity among churches and pray the best for them, knowing that we share a common God and a common goal.

Since God knows the truth about who we are – and since churches often have a reputation of being phony – we try to make a conscious effort to be real with each other.  You won’t find a lot of pretense at WellSpring, so don’t feel the need to be someone you’re not.

Want to know more?  Our “Sunday worship” page gives a bit more information about our Sunday worship experience.