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Trusting the Promise


Trusting the Promise is an initiative of prayer and sacrificial giving that will last from now until the end of 2020. Through it, we’ll create more room on our current campus while planting a WellSpring campus in Columbia. Both efforts will allow us to more effectively carry out our mission of helping people follow Jesus.

Serve Columbia—show TLC for E.A. Cox Middle School!
Help us pray, scrape, repair, clean, and paint on July 9, 11, and 14. You can sign up for two-hour blocks between 8:00am and 6:00pm to do some manual labor or to pray for E.A. Cox. There’s even a one-hour block on Saturday the 14th to pray in downtown Columbia.  Learn more or sign up at this link, or e-mail KittySokol50@gmail.com.



MAY, 2018

Because of you, the “Trusting the Promise” initiative has gotten off to a great start. Nearly $1,275,000 was pledged and already $186,197 has come in. That’s tremendous!

But “Trusting the Promise” isn’t really about money as much as it is about people. “Trusting the Promise” is really about helping more people in Spring Hill and Columbia follow Jesus. It’s about expanding and renovating our existing campus so that we have more room for more people to become part of the WellSpring church family. As more and more people move to the Nashville area, “Trusting the Promise” is about establishing a new WellSpring location in Columbia to meet a growing need.

And one of the most exciting things about “Trusting the Promise” is going to be seen over the next few months as we begin serving in Columbia. Before we establish a WellSpring location there, we want to lead with love. We are already helping feed children dealing with food insecurity. And now we have a group of WellSpringers, led by Arica Robinson, who are looking for other ways for us to serve.

The Bible calls us to help widows and orphans, so one of the ways we are going to serve Columbia is to lead a monthly worship service in a nursing home. When our Backyard Vacation Bible School begins in Spring Hill on July 17, we are also going to offer Backyard VBS in Columbia. And then on Sunday, July 22, we are going to have a blood drive on our campus to benefit Maury County Regional Hospital.

“Trusting the Promise” is just getting started. Through the end of 2020, we are going to see a lot of changes and improvements. We are also going to have lots of opportunities to make an impact in our community.

We are glad that you’re a part of it. And if you’re not yet part of it, we hope you will join us on this journey.

Barry Clark
Executive Minister

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