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Our leadership

Ministry staff

Keith Buddemeyer
Youth Minister
Keith hails from the Corncob Pipe Capital of the World, and he's been married to Shari (his high school sweetheart) since 1983. On staff here since 2011, Keith and his family see student ministry as uniquely foundational to long-term Christian growth. {keith@wellspringchristian.org}
Melissa Cook
Children's Minister
Melissa was born and raised in south Florida. She's a graduate of Johnson University and came to WellSpring in 2009 as our first Children’s Minister. She is married to Sully Cook, and they have over 200 children (counting their daughter, Emily, plus the rest of the kiddos in our SpringStreet Children's Ministry every week). {melissa@wellspringchristian.org}
Sully Cook
Worship Administrator & Events Coordinator
Sully is a talented drummer and the Operations Manager for The Well Outreach. He also serves as WellSpring's Worship Adminstrator and Events Coordinator. Sully stays busy scheduling worship team members, sending chord charts, communicating with our worship leaders, and coordinating events. {sully@wellspringchristian.org}
This is his Worship Administrator e-mail This is his Events Coordinator e-mail
Kelly Garrison
Graphics Coordinator
Kelly has been on staff since 2007, serving as an Administrative Assistant, the Director of Etc., and now our Graphics Coordinator. She, her husband Jon, and their two boys (Isaiah and Noah) now live in Lake Worth, Florida; we jokingly refer to them as our "South Florida campus." {kelly@wellspringchristian.org}
Christy Guthrie
Director of The Academy at WellSpring
Christy likes scrapbooking and reading. But she LOVES Jesus and leading our preschool, The Academy at WellSpring. She's honored to be able to "start children off on the way they should go" (Proverbs 22:6) for the Kingdom of God. {christy@theacademyatwellspring.com}
Visit The Academy at WellSpring's site
Scott Hancock
Connections Minister
Scott invests in folks who are new to our church, long-time WellSpringers, our youth and children's ministries, and LifeGroup leaders. He and his family have been deeply involved at WellSpring since late 2003, and he thinks Spring Hill may be the greatest city in the world. {scott@wellspringchristian.org}
Maryalice Harris
Assistant to the Office Manager & Connections Minister
Maryalice has always worked for non-profits or on a church staff. She loves to work behind the scenes getting things organized. For relaxation, if there are no closets to clean or crumbs to vacuum, she enjoys working on puzzles, reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband Allen and daughter Abby. {maryalice@wellspringchristian.org}
Andy Hudelson
Senior Minister
Andy graduated from Johnson University in 1995 and helped launch WellSpring in 2003. He and his wife Amy have four daughters: Lauren, Emily, Arica, and Kara. Andy loves working outside and is passionate about WellSpring being a place where it’s safe to explore what it means to follow Jesus. {andy@wellspringchristian.org}
Cheri Kozlowski
Youth Ministry Assistant
Cheri was born and raised here in Tennessee. In school she majored in theatre; this qualifies her to handle the drama that comes along with youth ministry. She and her husband, Bart have been married since 1981 and have two children (Kendra and Drew) and one beautiful granddaughter, Isabella. {cheri@wellspringchristian.org}


Chad McClellan
Chad joined our elder team in September 2011. He and his family have been with WellSpring since October 2003. Chad is currently involved as an adult sponsor in The Dive Student Ministry's Sr. High class on Sunday mornings.
Tyrus Morgan
Tyrus Morgan has been an elder since January of 2010, and the Morgans have been a part of WellSpring since October of 2003. Ty is currently serving as one of the leaders of our worship team.
Brian Seay
Brian's been an elder since January of 2010, and he and his family have been at WellSpring since 2007. He is currently involved with the WellSpring Student Ministry on Sunday mornings, and he occasionally preaches if Andy's on vacation.
Rick Wilkerson
Rick is our longest-serving elder. He and his family have been a part of WellSpring since October of 2003. Rick and his family volunteer with The Dive Student Ministry on Sunday mornings, and he's always there to help us troubleshoot tech problems that happen to pop up on our campus.