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Thoughts on church

Have you ever noticed that many folks are cynical about church and “religion”…but at the same time have a love for Jesus and feel the need to “get things right with God?”  Or maybe you’ve had a bad experience at a church.  Something (or someone) left you hurt, jaded, and wondering, “Why is it this complicated to follow Jesus?”

We make no apologies for calling ourselves a church…but at the same time, we recognize that churches, denominations, and religion in general have not always done a great job of showing the love, power, justice, and forgiveness of God to the world.  Jesus calls us quite simply to love God and love our neighbor…but sometimes those two maxims can be clouded by the inherent bureaucracies and rules of well-meaning institutions.

The Christian life–and church life–should not be motivated by guilt or characterized by an unending struggle to complete a lengthy checklist of “good Christian behaviors.”  Instead, we will find our strength, joy, and hope in Jesus…and we will model our lives of service after His.  In this way, we pray that WellSpring will bring hope and good news to our community and help restore people to God.