8:15am, 9:35am, and 10:55am Sunday worship services in Spring Hill at 1001 Chapman's Crossing. Join us!

Our leadership

Ministry staff

Keith Buddemeyer
Youth Minister
Keith hails from the Corncob Pipe Capital of the World, and he's been married to Shari (his high school sweetheart) since 1983. On staff here since 2011, Keith and his family see student ministry as foundational to long-term Christian growth. {keith@wellspringchristian.org}
Barry Clark
Executive Minister
Barry came to WellSpring in 2017 with over thirty years of ministry experience. As our Executive Minister, he oversees the WellSpring budget, manages our human resources, and generally handles day-to-day operational issues. {barry@wellspringchristian.org}
Lisa Ciesliga
Youth Events Coordinator

Lisa has a passion for helping teens follow Jesus, so this role fits her PERFECTLY. She and her husband Chris lead our "Deeper Dive" teen LifeGroup. Lisa's also a Registered Nurse, which is occasionally helpful on our youth trips! {lisac@wellspringchristian.org}

Kelly Garrison
Graphics Coordinator
Kelly has been on staff since 2007, serving as an Administrative Assistant, the Director of Etc., and now our Graphics Coordinator. She, her husband Jon, and their two boys (Isaiah and Noah) recently moved back to Spring Hill from Lake Worth, Florida. Kelly enjoys songwriting and leading worship. {kelly@wellspringchristian.org}
Scott Hancock
Connections Minister
Scott invests in folks who are new to our church, long-time WellSpringers, our communication efforts, and LifeGroup leaders. He and his family have been deeply involved at WellSpring since late 2003, and he thinks Spring Hill may be the greatest city in the world. {scott@wellspringchristian.org}
Andy Hudelson
Senior Minister
Andy graduated from Johnson University in 1995 and helped launch WellSpring in 2003. He and his wife Amy have four daughters: Lauren, Emily, Arica, and Kara. Andy loves working outside and is passionate about WellSpring being a place where it’s safe to explore what it means to follow Jesus. {andy@wellspringchristian.org}
Cheri Kozlowski
Youth Ministry Assistant
Cheri was born and raised here in Tennessee. In school she majored in theatre; this qualifies her to handle the drama that comes along with youth ministry. She and her husband, Bart have been married since 1981 and have two children (Kendra and Drew) and one beautiful granddaughter, Isabella. {cheri@wellspringchristian.org}
Traci McDuffie
Administrative Support

Traci's been a part of the WellSpring family since May of 2016. She's been a homeschooling mom for 25 years (with only one year left to go)! You'll find Traci helping our "First Team" greet visitors and pour coffee every Sunday.  {traci@wellspringchristian.org}

Cam McLaughlin
Children's Minister

Cam was born in an ambulance on the 5th Street Viaduct in Denver, Colorado. Since then, he's developed a love for Mexican food, sports, and Misty (his wife of 25 years). He's passionate about helping kids follow Jesus.  {cam@wellspringchristian.org}

Jennifer Pelletier
Event Coordinator

Jennifer serves WellSpring and our surrounding community with unbridled energy. She coordinates the use of our facilities and church resources, and she works with our staff to plan events that help people find family and know God.  {events@wellspringchristian.org}

Julie Shirk
Office Manager
Julie keeps our entire office (and staff) from descending into madness. Fun fact: in their spare time, the Shirks operate an open-pasture, pesticide-free farm. {julie@wellspringchristian.org}
Becky Ulrich
Children's Ministry Assistant
Becky's time in the United States Navy prepared her well for the chaos, craziness, and logistical challenges that come with children's ministry. She's also a part-time teacher at our preschool, The Academy at WellSpring. {becky@wellspringchristian.org}
Jamie Wright
Offering Administrator
Jamie has the rather detail-oriented (and very important) job of leading the team that counts our tithes and offerings. She also prepares year-end tax statements for those who've given...and she's pretty handy with a Canon camera. {jamie@wellspringchristian.org}


Chad McClellan
The McClellans have been a part of WellSpring since October 2003, and Chad joined our elder team in September 2011. He and his wife, Jennifer, currently serve as marriage mentors in our church.
Larry Gill
Larry and his wife, Kim, have been a part of WellSpring since 2011; he became an elder in October of 2017. You can find them during the week volunteering around our office. During our Sunday worship services, you'll often see them helping out our First Team.
Ed Baynes
The Baynes family has been a part of WellSpring since the summer of 2005. Ed leads a team dedicated to keeping our SpringStreet Children's Ministry area safe during our Sunday worship services; he joined our elder team in October 2017.